Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tim Skubick's "Off The Record" (The short version!)

Tim Skubick, senior Lansing Capitol Correspondent, taped an "Education Funding Forum" on August 20, and it first aired on PBS the next day on August 21.

The panelists were Senator Wayne Kuipers (R-Holland, Chair of the Senate's Education Committee), Dr. Ryan Olson (Director of Education Policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy), Tom White (Executive Director, Michigan School Business Officials), and Ms. Lavetta Quinn Shelton, the President of the Saginaw PTSA.

It was an interesting forum, with substantial audience participation. Tim Skubick did a good job of challenging audience and panelist comments, although the audience seemed stacked with participants carrying the same message of, "Give us more money!"

I'll be putting together more commentary on this, but for now here is the link:

WKAR: Back to School: An “Off the Record” Special (08/21/07)

You'll need the RealAudio Player, which is installed on most computers. If it's not on yours, it can be found by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

There were two themes during that broadcast.

One you already elaborated on. "Give us more money"

Two was how do the schools predict the uncertian future of budgeting given that the State still has not nailed anything down?

There is NO way to ever do zero based budgeting in this overly dynamic climate.

As for number one. We need to learn to live with what we get.

Aijaz said...
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