Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dr. Gaynor of Bloomfield Hills attacks Ruth Johnson

In June 2006 Dr. Steve Gaynor, Superintendent of Bloomfield Hills Schools, penned a shocking attack on Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson.

Oakland Press: County clerk's decision cost Bloomfield taxpayers (06/24/06)

I'm sure Dr. Gaynor was frustrated. After all, schools had been able to pretty much do as they please, regardless of whether it was cost effective or in the voters best interests.

Not only was his logic faulty, but I felt his attack on Ruth Johnson was not justified. I wrote the following opinion piece in response:

Oakland Press: School leaders refuse to accept responsibility for May elections (07/09/06)

Schools knew full well what they were getting into by choosing May elections, and to suggest otherwise is misleading.

==> Mike.