Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Oakland Superintendents Defend May Elections

In May, 2006, Clarkston Superintendent Dr. Albert Roberts, writing as President of the Oakland County Superintendents Association, authored an article defending May elections.

Oakland Press: May school election dates make sense (5/28/06)

It basically repeats the point that being on a school board is so hard, and the May timing gives them a chance to get up to speed. I've never been convinced it's all that hard for most school board members to learn to use their rubber-stamp and say "Aye", but perhaps some need more time.

It also furthers the arguement that May elections allow voters to be more informed on school issues. Informed by whom?

And finally, it helps to explain that a long November ballot might be a bit too confusing for voters, and schools don't want to be at the end of that ballot.

I sure hope I wasn't one of the voters considered incapable of making an informed decision in November, or too dumb to make it through a whole ballot.

==> Mike.