Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ruth Johnson and November Elections

As a Lansing legislator, Ruth Johnson worked tirelessly to help pass the election consolidations laws. Their purpose was to elections consistent and convenient for voters, with the goal of increasing participation. It was also assumed that schools would choose the most cost effective date: November.

Of course, it didn't happen that way once the law was passed.

As Oakland County Clerk, Ruth Johnson wrote three great editorials over a several year period advocating for November elections in order to make things easier for voters, and to return money to the classroom.

Oakland Press: School election laws improve our Democracy (2/13/05)

Oakland Press: Schools should save money with fall elections (4/16/06)

Oakland Press: Combined school-municipal election simply make sense (7/10/06)

We are very fortunate to have a dedicated and bright leader like Ruth Johnson in our county, and in our state!

==> Mike.