Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Absurd Art Teacher gets canned...

There is a story that started last December about a high school art teacher that paints using his butt.

AOL/AP: Virginia School Fires Butt-Print Art Teacher (01/10/07)
USA Today: School district fires 'butt-printing artist' (01/10/07)

There is a video clip on YouTube where he is interviewed, and demonstrates his "talent":

Unscrewed with Martin Sargent, Episode #164

Be advised that it's as stupid as it sounds.

Well, let me take that back... it was amusing, but not for a professional teacher.

Artists -- at least the interesting ones -- are unique and creative. But this person is more than an artist; he is a teacher, and therefore a role model.

Being a teacher doesn't mean he gives up all of his individual rights, but it does mean that he carries a huge responsibility.

This is about respect for the profession.

He showed poor judgment, and a lack of respect for his employer. It is unbelievable to me that he had no idea how this would impact a high school and the students.

The argument that he was doing it on his "free time" is true, but completely ignores the disruption it caused the school. This would be no different than a group of female teachers choosing to pose nude for a calendar... on their own time.

The distraction to the school -- and the learning environment -- matters. That type of behavior, while certainly allowed in our society, has no place in public education.

==> Mike.

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