Thursday, January 4, 2007

Merging Rochester and Avondale School Districts

I have been a proponent of district consolidations (mergers) for some time. It's crazy that Michigan has 530+ districts.

I had brought up the topic at board meetings as early as 2005, and received a big collective yawn from everyone.

In Feburary 2006 the superintendent of Avondale, Dr. Byrd, announced his retirement. What a perfect opportunity for Rochester and neighboring Avondale to at least discuss the subject!

The idea was floated in this opinion piece:

Oakland Press: Oppportunity now exists for district consolidation (02/18/06)

Shortly thereafter, the Avondale Board responded:

Oakland Press: Consolidating school districts is not a simple solution (04/15/06)

Their response seemed to be an effort to "circle the wagons" rather than give it thoughtful consideration. That is certainly their perogative, but I offered my thoughts in a follow-up piece:

Detroit News: Protecting school fiefdoms hurts students, taxpayers (05/18/06)

Sadly, both districts moved on without giving it any serious consideration.

==> Mike.

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