Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bill Sizemore - What public schools really need

I received a link to an article today to an article written by the director of a taxpayer organization in Oregon.

Bill Sizemore - What public schools really need (03/11/07)

It is very hard-hitting, and a bit long at over 2000 words.

But WOW, it covers a lot of ground with some clear ideas for reform. It's chocked full of those common sense ideas that most of the status-quo old-guard in education love to hate.

Even if you don't agree with him, it's got some great conversation-starters!

==> Mike.


Melanie Kurdys said...

Wow, Mike. This is provacative and worth honest debate. I wonder if our Michigan leadership is ready for some serious debate on this, given our dire finances along with the bipartisan support for education. Thanks for the post. Melanie

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he felt better saying that. And I'm sure he'd feel better running a banana plantation in Latin America.

That's about the only place he's not going to be frustrated by uppity labor, given his beliefs.