Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Remedial Math

Melanie Kurdys of Portage, Michigan is a dedicated, active, concerned parent who has been dedicated to improving schools for over 10 years. Like many of us, she hopes to raise the level of expecations schools set for our children, and works to support the professional educators in order to help raise student acheivement. She hopes to make a difference.

She conducted her own research in order to determine the percentage of Portage high school graduates that were taking remedial math in college.

Her report can be found here.

It is really an impressive piece of work. It helped me to understand the definition of "remedial math", and has provided a blueprint for how to pursue that type research.

I'm now working on persuading my crack research team to squeeze into the schedule a similar study on Rochester and a few other high caliber Michigan districts.

Anyone willing volunteer some time to help can email me. That would include any district employees that may be (should be?) interested in this information! :-)

You can find out more about Melanie on her blog:

Melanie is now running for school board in Portage. If you know someone in Portage, I would strongly encourage you to contact them and suggest that they give serious consideration to Melanie. She is the type of person we need on school boards in Michigan.

==> Mike.

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