Friday, March 30, 2007

Governor needs to Lead School Leaders

I've heard time and time again that local school boards are incapable of fixing the structural problems facing schools. I heard it at least twice during the teacher contract discussion at the Rochester School Board meeting last Monday.

That is why I was so disappointed after hearing Governor Granholm speech at the recent Governor's Education Summit. She could've used it to motivate and encourage boards and superintendents to begin to behave like leaders. They could've drawn strength and courage from her support.

But she instead chose to ask them to support her efforts to raise taxes.

The sad part is that no amount of money will be enough to satisfy the education structure as it exists today.

I wrote this opinion piece after a long day on Monday:

Detroit News: Tax Hike would fuel excessive school school costs (03/30/07)

Here is an article that described the Governor's comments:

Detroit Free Press: Frustrated Granholm to educators: Fight lawmakers on school cuts (03/26/07):

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